Finding ways to increase motivation is crucial, but now it will be much easier and handier. The new upcoming book written by a known serial entrepreneur like Francesco Vitali gives us daily necessary motivation and inspiration to change behavior and develop competencies.

From a young age, Francesco Vitali was immersed in the glamor, fashion, and art that marked Greece’s modern secular and cultural development. Despite his natural charisma and knack for making significant achievements seem easy, Vitali never lost his inner drive for bigger and better things. Through it all, a fire burned his heart for the next challenge, new adventures, and the ultimate professional triumph. What drives Vitali forward is a ceaseless yearning to pursue new heights of creative attainment.

Starting his journalism career in Athens, Greece, Vitali worked for several significant national publications. He wrote his first best-seller at 19, a collection of intimate interviews with 35 of Greece’s most distinguished celebrities. He started the very first management company in his motherland, managing the career of the most famous Greek superstars and politicians.

His new book “Message for Success” is a treasure of inspiration for Success, sharing his knowledge throughout his mistakes, helping you to avoid downfall, and keeping you on the right track.


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