At the age of 19, Francesco Vitali, a native Greek, had his first best-seller book with a collection of very juicy and provocative interviews of Greece’s most distinguished celebrities speaking openly for the first time about their sexuality.

“Stars & Sex” becomes multiple times cover pages of the press at that time. Starting as a journalist in Athens, Greece, Vitali worked for several significant national publications and, in parallel, ran a public relation management company for celebrities, politicians, and influential businesses.

It was the talk of the country for a long this genius young journalist who was way ahead of his time. That was also the beginning of a long and upward journey that went beyond the borders of the small country of Greece, crossing the Atlantic ocean with the significant next station, the United States of America. Francesco did it all.

Everything he dreamed and felt. He constantly changed careers and paths, following his dreams with anything he wanted and felt. From Journalist to Manager of the Stars. From a writer and actor to a successful director and executive producer. A life full of projects and experience led him to become a successful Business advisor and marketing Director for famous brands and entrepreneurs to the late Ivana Trump.

He was one of the closest friends of the very tight circle of Mrs. Trump. Today Francesco Vitali is a well-respected and successful serial entrepreneur, executive producer, publisher, business advisor, and a self-made multimillionaire with a net worth of more than 100 Million. His new upcoming book, “Message for Success,” helps aspiring and forthcoming entrepreneurs with daily necessary motivation and inspiration content to develop and adopt a new business mind.

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